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Pew’s dental campaign promotes cost-effective policies that will mean millions more people get the dental care they need to lead healthy lives.

We conduct and commission research to define issues, identify solutions, and assess how states are responding to dental care challenges. We work with professionals with extensive expertise in dental health policy at the state and national levels.

Reports, testimony, and other materials by Pew’s dental experts are helping to drive policy changes in a number of states.

Research & Analysis

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  • Dental Therapists Can Provide Cost-Efficient Care in Rural Areas

    A recently released study from Minnesota shows that a dental therapist can be a cost-efficient member of a rural dental clinic’s team, with average daily billings only slightly lower than those of clinic dentists. The findings suggest that expanded use of these therapists can improve access to oral health care—as envisioned by state legislation adopted in 2009—while keeping... Read More

  • How to Improve Oral Health Outcomes for Kids

    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month—a great time to remind ourselves about the relative simplicity of keeping children in good oral health, and a sobering time to consider how far the nation still has to go to reach that goal. Read More

  • Study Finds Dental Therapists Improve Outcomes for Alaska Native Communities

    Residents of Alaska Native communities served frequently by dental therapists had lower rates of tooth extractions and more preventive care than children and adults in communities not receiving these services, according to peer-reviewed research published online in January in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry. The study, led by Donald Chi of the University of Washington Dental School,... Read More

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