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  • Pew: Most Large Banks Fail to Meet Overdraft Best Practices

    Most of the largest U.S. banks continue to charge high, and often multiple, fees each time a customer incurs an overdraft. Additionally, more than 2 in 5 banks rearrange transactions in a manner that maximizes overdraft fees. Further, overdraft programs at a selection of small banks throughout the country are comparable in many respects to those at the large banks, with a few notable differences.... Read More

  • For Prepaid Card Customers, Overdraft Is the Problem—Not the Solution

    Approximately 37 million adults in the United States, a number roughly equivalent to the population of California, do not have a checking account. Some have never relied on traditional banking, while the majority was part of the banking system at one time and subsequently stopped using financial institutions. The primary reason these “unbanked” consumers gave up on traditional bank... Read More

  • Customers Want to Join Together to Hold Financial Institutions Accountable

    In a recent survey, The Pew Charitable Trusts asked consumers their opinions about mandatory binding arbitration. One issue in particular rankles them and is now under scrutiny by regulators: the ubiquitous inclusion in arbitration agreements of language that bars customers from pursuing their claims against a financial services company as part of a class action. Read More

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