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Pew's consumer banking project studies the accounts that Americans rely on every day to manage their finances, including checking accounts, prepaid cards, and mobile payments. The initiative builds partnerships with key stakeholders to advocate for effective consumer protections and a level playing field in the financial marketplace.

Pew's Model Disclosure Box for Checking Accounts

Since Dec. 2011, 28 financial institutions have worked with Pew to adopt a simple disclosure box.

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  • Checks and Balances

    This interactive tool follows three typical people—Mike, Sarah, and Jen—as they go about their day. They are all responsible with money, but their budgets are a little tight. We will explore how, depending on where they bank, their experiences with overdraft fees can differ dramatically, and why it pays to know your institution's policies and practices. Click on a character to start. Read More

  • Should the Post Office Offer Financial Services?

    Five facts that could change the way you think about banking and the post office—plus video of comments by Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Read More

  • Get a Better Prepaid Card

    This video shows how Pew's model summary disclosure box allows consumers to easily understand fees and compare prepaid cards before purchasing one. Read More

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