Clean Energy Initiative

A new worldwide industry is dawning. The global clean energy economy experienced tremendous growth over the past five years–with investment growth of 230 percent since 2005–all the while weathering the recent financial downturn. 

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  • Georgia Solar Energy Looks Bright

    Abundant solar and biomass resources, falling costs of materials, innovative research, and state policies have launched Georgia into the national spotlight as a clean energy leader. The state ranks No. 1 in the country in commercial timberland, making woody biomass a major component of its renewable energy sector. Its significant solar potential has been largely untapped until the past year. Read More

  • Clean Economy Rising

    This collection of policy briefs examines state clean energy economies. The states selected have demonstrated leadership in clean energy policies, installations, and economies, or are at a crossroads in their energy futures. Read More

  • Texas Winds Generate Economic Growth

    Texas is a giant in the domestic power industry. Among the 50 states, it is the largest generator of electricity, hasthe only independent electric grid within its borders, offers the greatest resource potential for wind and solar, andcontains the largest installed capacity of industrial energy efficiency technologies. Read More

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