Clean Energy Initiative

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A new worldwide industry is dawning. The global clean energy economy experienced tremendous growth over the past five years–with investment growth of 230 percent since 2005–all the while weathering the recent financial downturn. 

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  • Clean Energy Businesses Need Reliable Federal Tax Credits

    To create jobs, invest capital, and deploy pollution-reducing technologies, the clean energy industry needs stable, predictable federal tax policy. Two bipartisan bills under consideration in Congress, H.R. 5172 and H.R. 5167, would level the playing field by providing consistent incentives for clean and efficient technologies. Transparent, long-term, and reliable federal policies, such as the... Read More

  • Congress Should Support an All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy, Not Choose Winners and Losers

    In December 2015, Congress passed legislation providing a five-year extension with a gradual decline of the production tax credit for wind and the investment and residential tax credits for solar. However, other technologies that currently qualify for these credits—such as fuel cells, combined heat and power (CHP), small wind, microturbines, biomass, biogas, geothermal, hydropower, and... Read More

  • Wind Energy Investment Increases Worldwide

    The global embrace of wind power shows no sign of slowing. Global Wind Day, on June 15, celebrates how wind can help modernize the way countries produce electricity and spurs conversations about how the rapid growth and accessibility of this clean, renewable resource holds the promise of a worldwide energy transformation. Read More

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