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A new worldwide industry is dawning. The global clean energy economy experienced tremendous growth over the past five years–with investment growth of 230 percent since 2005–all the while weathering the recent financial downturn. 

Research & Analysis

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  • Protecting Biodiversity on a Changing Planet

    Science has shown that the warming of our planet is driving environmental change. But research, technical assistance, and advocacy can help safeguard the natural environment, encourage sustainable development and increase renewable energy. Read More

  • University Promotes Efficient New Power Systems in Michigan

    U.S. colleges and universities spend nearly $7 billion a year on utilities and energy costs, according to an article in University Business. As a result, large campus facilities are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency while saving money. As part of a nationwide effort to improve efficiency and reduce costs, some higher education institutions are acting as laboratories for research and... Read More

  • Solar Fi: The Marine Corps’ Commitment to Clean Energy

    Lt. Gen. John Lejeune, the legendary 13th commandant of the Marine Corps, once said that the success of the Corps depended on “efficient performance of all duties” and “promptly bringing this efficiency to the attention of the proper officials of the government and the American people.” So it was entirely fitting that the Corps held this year’s Expeditionary Energy... Read More

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