Clean Energy Initiative

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A new worldwide industry is dawning. The global clean energy economy experienced tremendous growth over the past five years–with investment growth of 230 percent since 2005–all the while weathering the recent financial downturn. 

Research & Analysis

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  • Combined Heat and Power Helps Groceries Reduce Costs and Increase Resiliency

    Commercial operations consume about 20 percent of the total energy used in the United States each year.1 Within this sector, grocery stores are among the most power-intensive businesses. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 93,200 groceries operate nationwide and, as a group, spend more than $6 billion annually on electricity and natural gas, with refrigeration and lighting accounting for almost... Read More

  • Industrial Efficiency in the States

    By producing both heat and power from a single fuel source, combined heat and power (CHP) has double the efficiency of central station power generation. Waste heat to power (WHP) captures waste heat that would typically be vented from an industrial facility and uses it to make electricity with no additional combustion or incremental emissions. Both CHP and WHP dramatically lower energy use,... Read More

  • Government Regulation: Costs Lower, Benefits Greater Than Industry Estimates

    Regulatory requirements to protect the environment, workers, and consumers often lead to innovation, increased productivity, and new businesses and jobs. Although an argument is sometimes made that the cost of complying with regulations is too high, that the societal benefits do not justify the investment, or that job losses will result, a review of past regulations reveals just the opposite.... Read More

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