Clean Energy Initiative


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  • #PewEnergy 2015 Summit

    Business leaders, investors, journalists, scientists, and state and federal officials gathered in Washington on Feb. 3, 2015, for a summit hosted by Pew’s Clean Energy Business Network. The meeting, attended by nearly 200 people, emphasized the need for clean energy business leaders to speak with a unified voice on the importance of policy equity for clean energy. Read More

  • How Microgrids Improve Resiliency in Power Outages

    In the wake of the "true dark-age type environment" created when Hurricane Sandy's floods left Hoboken, New Jersey, largely without power, the city is planning to build a microgrid—an electricity system independent of the utility. Microgrids provide efficient and renewable energy and power mission-critical buildings and services in the event of a power outage. Read More

  • Energy Storage: Building a Better Battery via Public-Private Partnership

    A team of government, university, and industry partners are seeking to create a next-generation battery that performs five times faster at a fifth of the cost of current technology. These batteries will help electric cars drive farther and provide renewable energy storage and help improve the electricity grid. Read More

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