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If your business is working to produce clean energy, increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut waste and pollution, or conserve water and other natural resources—you are part of the clean energy economy!

Join the more than 3,000 business leaders who know that the United States needs a national energy policy that embraces renewable power and efficiency in order to be competitive in the global clean energy economy. Without a clear, long-term market signal from Congress, investors will go elsewhere, leaving the United States behind.

Businesses like yours are building the infrastructure for a cleaner, more energy efficient and prosperous future for this country.

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Pew’s Clean Energy Business Network, launched in 2009, has more than 3,000 business leaders representing all aspects of the clean energy economy. These member businesses are building the infrastructure necessary for a more prosperous energy future that provides jobs, attracts private investment, and spurs manufacturing. Our network includes businesses from such sectors as solar; wind; geothermal; low-impact hydro; hydrogen fuel cell; wave; tidal; energy efficient power production; manufacturing, construction, and retrofits; advanced biofuels; biogas; biomass; and hybrid, electric, or other clean vehicle technologies.

When you join the Pew Clean Energy Business Network, you will receive:

  • Alerts letting you know how your voice can make a difference.
  • Inside-the-beltway information about federal policies that affect your business.
  • Access to the latest market research and policy analysis.
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive networking events and forums with other business leaders.
  • Notice of special conferences and events happening near you and on Capitol Hill.

Why do clean energy businesses need to engage in the policy discussion?

The global clean energy economy has grown by roughly $90 billion every three years since 2004 and attracted a total of $263 billion in private investment in 2012. This presents a remarkable economic opportunity for the United States.

In 2011, the United States held a $1.63 billion clean energy trade advantage over China, with particular trade strength derived from America’s leadership in innovative, high-end products and the global presence of U.S. companies.

But uncertainty about the energy policy environment is putting U.S. competitiveness in jeopardy. While other nations have adopted long-term goals that are attracting greater private investment, the United States has no national energy plan, leading investors to look elsewhere for the market certainty they desire.

As a result, we are falling behind.

In 2011, the United States led the global clean energy economy, with a total of $56.8 billion in private investment. In 2012, U.S. private investment in clean energy fell 37 percent, to $35.1 billion—a distant second place behind China’s $65.1 billion.

We consistently hear from business leaders that policy matters. To compete in the global clean energy economy, American businesses need predictable, long-term energy policies that remove barriers to capital and create parity with conventional energy technologies.

Join with us to add your voice to the discussion about the future of America’s clean energy economy.

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National, regional and local networking events, conferences, and webinars.

Oregon BEST FEST, Sept. 9-10 (Portland, OR) »

2015 Combined Heat and Power Conference, Sept. 14-15 (Washington) »

Solar Power International Trade Show, Sept. 14-17 (Anaheim, California) »

Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative 2015 National Summit, Sept. 15 (Washington) »

Energy Efficiency as a Resource, Sept. 20-22 (Little Rock, AR) »

Distributed Wind Energy Workshop, Sept. 26 (Beech Mountain, NC) »

AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Conference, Sept. 29-30 (Baltimore) »

Energy Resource Management Conference, Sept. 29-30 (Lubbock, TX) »

Distributed Wind All-States Summit, Sep. 30-Oct. 1 (Sacramento) »

SXSW Eco, Oct. 5-7 (Austin, TX) »

Electrochemical Energy Summit 2015, Oct. 12-14 (Phoenix, AZ) »

E Source Forum, Oct. 13-16 (Denver) »

AWEA State Wind Energy Forum—Pennsylvania, Oct. 14 (Harrisburg) »

Renewable Energy Markets, Oct. 18-20 (Washington) »

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Industry Growth Forum, Nov. 3-4 (Denver) »

U.S. Energy Storage Summit, Dec. 8-9 (San Francisco, CA) »


State and Local Opportunities

Funding, requests for information, and conference speaking solicitations.

Pennsylvania Power and Light RFP: Seeking to Procure Over 200,000 Alternative Energy Credits, Qualification Materials due Sept. 14 »

Southern California Edison RFO: 27-MW of Solar Power, Sept. 21 »

Nationwide Opportunities

Funding, requests for information, and conference speaking solicitations.

Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Awards, Sept. 11 »

Solar Decathlon College Team Competition, Sept. 17 »

Department of Energy: Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science (IDEAS), Sep. 28 » 

Department of Energy Loan Guarantee – Advanced Fossil Energy Solicitation, Oct. 30, 2015 »

Department of Energy Loan Guarantee: Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Solicitation, Dec. 2, 2015 »

Department of Energy Tools for Small Businesses, Ongoing »

Department of Energy – Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging Initiative, Ongoing » 

Department of Agriculture Energy Efficiency Loan Program, Ongoing »

JPMorgan Chase & Co. – Five-Year, $30 Million Grant Program for Small Business Incubators, Ongoing »

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