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  • Pew: New Offshore Drilling Standards Help Protect U.S. Arctic Ocean

    Washington—The U.S. Department of the Interior today released Arctic-specific regulations to help ensure safe and responsible offshore energy exploration that better protects people and wildlife. Read More

  • The Connected Arctic

    The Arctic used to be a distant curiosity for most people. If it entered the minds of those who lived elsewhere, it was most likely as a symbol of elemental nature, an untamed wilderness of passing interest but no real consequence. What happened in the Arctic stayed in the Arctic, and what happened elsewhere stayed elsewhere. Read More

  • Arctic Shipping Rules Needed to Protect Alaska Region

    More vessels are crossing the Arctic than ever before. Traffic through one passage, the Northern Sea Route in Russia, increased from just two vessels in 2009 to 71 vessels in 2013. Experts forecast that the volume of cargo coming through that route is likely to increase from 1.36 million tons in 2013 to 4 million tons this year and 65 million tons by 2020. But despite some recent progress, ships... Read More

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