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Research & Analysis

  • Antibiotic Use Patterns in Animal Agriculture Around the World

    A new report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) offers valuable insights into regional patterns in the global use of antibiotics in food animals. In its second annual examination of antibiotic use, the OIE for the first time includes data adjusted to account for the size of the various animal populations that might require antibiotics. This approach to interpreting the... Read More

  • The Complex Relationship Between Antibiotic Use and Resistance

    The use of antibiotics drives the emergence of drug resistance, but the relationship between the two is not always direct or easy to measure. Resistance may appear or disappear at significantly faster rates in some situations than others, and perhaps not at all during the period of a research study. These dynamics can be influenced by seemingly unrelated factors. Read More

  • The World Is Running Out of Antibiotics

    Reinvigorating the pipeline of antibiotics in development is more critical today than ever, as increasingly hard-to-treat bacteria continue to emerge. As part of ongoing work to spur the creation of urgently needed new antibiotics, The Pew Charitable Trusts’ antibiotic resistance project and the World Health Organization (WHO) have both released new analyses of the pipeline of products in... Read More

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