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Research & Analysis

  • Nontraditional Products in Development to Treat or Prevent Bacterial Infections

    Nontraditional products are unlikely to fully substitute or replace antibiotic use but could provide new treatment options for patients through combined use with antibiotics or as a means of preventing an infection from taking hold. Questions remain regarding how nontraditional products should be tested for safety and efficacy, and how they could be used appropriately in the clinical setting. Read More

  • Meet our Supermoms 2017

    On April 25 and 26, advocates from around the country will travel to Washington to meet with members of Congress and policymakers. These Supermoms Against Superbugs—including mothers, fathers, famers, chefs, and doctors—bring a unique perspective and their personal experience to raising awareness of the growing public health and national security threat posed by drug-resistant... Read More

  • A Superbug Survivor Raises Awareness About Antibiotic Resistance

    Following a four-month battle for his life, Chris Linaman committed to sharing his story to help raise awareness about the growing threat posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. As executive chef at a large medical center, he is also driving change at an institutional level, harnessing his purchasing power to support the responsible use of antibiotics in food animals. Read More

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