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  • California Monuments Showcase Diversity of Natural Heritage

    California’s national monuments are a living museum that showcases the fascinating natural and human history of the region, and they serve as a vibrant laboratory for scientific and academic research. From the Native American rock art of the San Gabriel Mountains to the rare redband trout found in the streams of the Cascade-Siskiyou region, the state’s monuments have drawn scientists... Read More

  • New Mexico’s National Monuments Fuel Regional Economy

    At first glance, northern and southern New Mexico are as different as night and day. In the south, rugged desert, archaeological wonders, and toothy peaks make up the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. Up north, just outside the town of Taos, the Río Grande del Norte National Monument features winding canyons, wildflower fields, and flowing rivers. Read More

  • National Monuments Boost Businesses and Communities

    Advocates led by small-business owners seeking to preserve an economic juggernaut brought the fight to save America’s national monuments to the front lines June 7. Some three dozen people from 15 states traveled to Washington to tell their elected representatives that the country’s monuments do much more than provide space for those seeking outdoor recreation and solitude: They also... Read More

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