Reaching from Africa to Australia, the Indian Ocean covers 23 million square miles, and is the end point for some of the world’s great rivers, including the Zambezi, Ganges, and Indus.  The Indian Ocean has numerous marine and island jewels that are critical habitat for fish, seabirds, and coral reefs.  Especially important is the Chagos Archipelago, one of the most remote and unspoiled marine areas on earth.  Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Chagos comprise 55 islands and are home to 700 species of fish, as well as turtles and dolphins.  But like the world’s other oceans, the Indian Ocean and its marine life are threatened by illegal fishing, climate change, and environmental degradation.

By the numbers
  • 175,000 breeding pairs of seabirds on the Chagos islands

  • 5.8estimated loss by east African nations because of illegal, underreported, or unregulated fishing

  • 90,000 square kilometers surrounding Maldives islands declared a marine sanctuary

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