"Where Do I Vote? What's on My Ballot?"

Easy election answers from VIP

Every election, millions of Americans search for answers for basic voting questions: "Where do I vote?" "What's on my ballot?" The Voting Information Project (VIP)—a partnership between The Pew Charitable Trusts, Google, and states—has the answers. 

VIP provides election data via your computer, tablet, or smartphone web to ensure more eligible Americans have the information they need to cast a ballot. In this stop-motion animation, learn how you can use VIP's tool to find your polling place and other voting information and be ready for Election Day. 

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  • Colorado Upgrades Motor Voter System

    In 2017, Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) upgraded its Motor Voter process. A small workinggroup—made up of state and election officials from the Secretary of State’s Office, representatives from theelection offices in Denver and Arapahoe counties, and personnel from the DMV—reviewed proposals andmade recommendations for the new system. This working group... Read More

  • Virginia Builds a More Effective Motor Voter System

    During summer 2016, Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) completed an upgrade to its Motor Voter process for in-person and online transactions. State officials leveraged a larger effort to modernize the DMV’s core services to streamline and standardize the interagency voter registration process, including building a realtime electronic connection between departments, revising... Read More

  • State Motor Voter Systems Face Technological and Administrative Challenges

    In a 2014 report, “Measuring Motor Voter,” The Pew Charitable Trusts noted that research on Motor Voter implementation has been constrained by poor data quality in state systems. To explore this issue further and fill gaps in current data collection, Pew commissioned a 2016 survey of almost 3,000 citizens in five Great Lakes states. Read More

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