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What Do You Know About the Yellow-eyed Penguin?

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Megadyptes antipodes or Hoiho is a rare penguin native to New Zealand.Anders Peter
[randomChoices] ? Most penguin species are known to be social. Yellow-eyed penguins nest in large groups. - True + False / Yellow-eyed penguins are known to venture into dense forests to nest individually. ? You will not find yellow-eyed penguins in Antarctica. + True / The yellow-eyed penguin is a major tourist attraction in New Zealand, and breeds on the southeastern coast of the country’s South Island as wells as on the Auckland, Campbell, and Stewart Islands and others adjacent. - False ? While some populations of penguin species are in decline, New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguins are thriving. - True + False / Yellow-eyed penguins are an endangered species. As of 2013, only an estimated 1,700 breeding pairs remained across the species’ small range. The population declined for a number of reasons, primarily: introduced predators such as cats, stoats, and other weasels; dogs, rats, and hedgehogs; and deterioration of nesting habitats from the cutting of coastal forests ? Yellow-eyed penguins are the only penguin species that sports yellow feathers among their iconic black and white plumage. - True + False / Adult yellow-eyed penguins are unmistakable with their yellow eyes and amber stripes wrap around the back of their head, but they are not the only penguins known for their golden feathers. Macaroni penguins also dress up their signature black and white looks with touches of yellow. ? Yellow-eyed penguins are the world’s largest species of penguin. - True + False / The emperor penguin is the largest penguin species , followed by king and gentoo penguins. Yellow-eyed penguins are the fourth-largest penguin species.

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