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Halloween on the High Seas

8 amazing animals that should scare us into conservation

Many species of marine animals would scare the mouthpiece out of a diver at first sight—the giant spider crab, for example, and its 13-foot-long legs. But first impressions can be misleading, and a closer examination of these remarkable animals inevitably uncovers their true beauty.

While fangs and see-through flesh may be hair-raising, in reality, marine life has more to fear from humans than the other way around. Our use of the open ocean has been largely unmanaged for centuries, and the rules that are in place leave the ecosystem open to tremendous risk. That is particularly true on the high seas, the ocean regions outside the bounds of any nation.

As efforts continue at the United Nations to secure a framework for creating marine parks and to better manage activities in international waters, we’ve pulled together a collection of eight amazing animals that can be found on the high seas.

Please join us in scaring up support for protecting ocean life on the high seas this Halloween.

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