Maternity Leave in the Palau Workforce-Rapid HIA of S.B. 9-20-SD2

Republic of Palau
Palau Health Impact Assessment Working Group, Ulkerreuil A Klengar (Secretariat)

The Palau Health Impact Assessment Working Group, in partnership with Ulkerreuil A Klengar, conducted a rapid health impact assessment of S.B. 9-20-SD2, which would require all employers to provide up to three month maternity leave to pregnant employees, with the option for an additional month of unpaid leave. The current law covers maternity leave only for permanent employees of the national government. Approximately 20% of the female workforce are employees of public corporations, the private sector, or state government and are thus not covered. The HIA found that providing universal maternity leave would likely have positive health benefits for both the child and mother, as well as developmental benefits for the child. The HIA endorsed passing the bill.

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2013, October
Labor and Employment
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