Alcohol Outlet Density-Marathon County, WI

Marathon County , Wisconsin
Marathon County Health Department

The purpose of this HIA was to assess the impact of an alcohol outlet density policy on the community’s health, specifically underage drinking and drinking and driving behaviors. While there was no specific policy under review at the onset of the project, strategies to limit liquor-licensing practices at the municipal level were evaluated, specifically a limit on future Class A alcohol licenses. Access to alcohol, measured by the density of alcohol outlets, was identified as the community’s primary concern and became the focus of the assessment. The investigation of existing conditions generated the following recommendations: A moratorium on future Class A alcohol licenses, Development of a Policy Exemption Committee, Development of an Alcohol License Review Board, Implementation of consistent health behavior surveys among youth, and finally seeking the support of the Marathon County Board of Health for future HIA projects within the County.


Regardless of a decision to adopt the recommendations, which will be presented to the Village Board, the HIA was successful in building important relationships to further the discussion about alcohol misuse prevention in the community.

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2011, May
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