University District Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge HIA

Spokane, Washington
City of Spokane, Spokane Regional Health District

The Spokane University District Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Health Impact Assessment (HIA) was developed to help inform decision makers about potential health impacts that development of a pedestrian bridge in the University District will have on the current and projected population who will live, work, and recreate within a quarter-mile radius of the bridge. The bridge project is key to a targeted redevelopment area where a land use and transportation study is now underway. This HIA is a collaboration between the City of Spokane and the Spokane Regional Health District. The HIA recommendations went to the Bridge Design Team and some have been included in the Type Size and Location Study as a result.

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Completion Date
2011, October
Built Environment
Organization Type
Government Agency
Estimated Cost
approximately $5,000
6-8 months