Delridge Corridor Multimodal Improvement Project

Seattle, Washington
University of Washington

University of Washington graduate students, in partnership with the Seattle Departments of Transportation and Planning and Development, conducted a rapid HIA of the Delridge Corridor Project. The plan is part of a broader city effort to transform major roads and neighboring streets into safer and healthier public places. The health pathways explored included zoning, mobility, social capital, and safety.

The HIA recommended that the Department of Planning and Development require developers to acquire permits for large, multifamily projects and to include a minimum of 10 percent affordable housing. It also recommended that the Department of Transportation focus on public transit, bike lane, sidewalk, and street improvements to increase access to assets such as services and green space. To strengthen stakeholder engagement, the HIA recommended establishing a community coalition to provide oversight, representation, and feedback on the project.

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Completion Date
2015, June
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