Tobacco Retail Licensing Policy: A Health Equity Impact Assessment

Multnomah, Oregon
Upstream Public Health, Oregon Health Equity Alliance

Upstream Public Health and the Oregon Health Equity Alliance conducted an HIA to examine the potential racial, social, environmental, and economic health equity effects on Multnomah County communities of a potential tobacco retail license policy based on state legislation that has been introduced at the state level. The goals of this project were to inform the Multnomah County Health Department’s and possibly the Oregon Legislature’s decision-making processes and make recommendations about how to create a balanced policy that prevents youth access to tobacco and nicotine products while supporting small retailers and community mental health.

This project was funded through grants from the Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program at Oregon Health and Science University in 2015 and Strategies for Policy and Environmental Change in 2014.

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2015, October
Agriculture, Food and Drug
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