Connecting Rural Communities: U.S. 30 & Rainier Veterans Way Crossing

Rainier, Oregon
The Public Health Foundation of Columbia County; Oregon State University Extension Services, Columbia County; City of Rainier; Oregon Health Authority’s Health Impact Assessment Program; and Oregon Health Authority’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Division

The Public Health Foundation of Columbia County carried out an HIA to examine the potential health and safety consequences of a proposed stoplight and signaled crosswalk at U.S. 30 and Veterans Way in Rainier, Oregon. The specific outcomes considered were the correlation between active transportation and health, access to grocery outlets and physical activity resources, and the potential reduction of pedestrian and bicycle accidents and obesity rates among residents in the study area.

The HIA used a literature review, several data sources, and input from residents and community groups. It concluded that a stoplight and signaled crosswalk should be installed at the intersection and recommended that additional improvements, including traffic calming and radar speed indicator signs, could increase motorists’ awareness that they are entering a residential and pedestrian area.

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2015, August
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