City of Decatur Community Transportation Plan

Decatur, Georgia
Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development

The Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development conducted a rapid health impact assessment (HIA) on the Decatur, Georgia, Community Transportation Plan, focusing on potential health impacts of transportation and patterns of land use on safety, social connections, and physical activity. The HIA found that the plan could lead to a slight reduction in car use and associated health problems, such as injuries and obesity. Additionally, the increase in biking and walking in the city would raise physical activity levels and offer more opportunities for social interaction.

To best leverage the potential health benefits of new transportation and land use patterns, the HIA recommended developing a community-wide campaign to promote physical activity, partnering with local schools to encourage childhood physical activity, ensuring that intersections comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and are easily accessible, emphasizing the mobility of Decatur's most vulnerable populations, and prioritizing connectivity throughout the city.

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