Complete Streets in Daytona Beach, Florida HIA

Daytona Beach, Florida
ASTHO, Florida Department of Health in Volusia County, the City of Daytona Beach

The Florida Department of Health (Volusia County), along with the City of Daytona Beach and with support from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) to inform the City of Daytona Beach as it adopts a Complete Streets policy. Originally, the HIA was to inform the City about the benefits of retrofitting the Orange Avenue corridor to include Complete Streets elements. Due to funding delays, the City was already in the design phase before the HIA began, so the focus evolved to use the Orange Avenue corridor as a target area to demonstrate the benefits of a whole Complete Streets policy for future projects and to supplement future work on this corridor.

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Completion Date
2013, September
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Government Agency
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4 months