Health Impact Assessment for Battlement Mesa, Garfield County, Colorado

Garfield County, Colorado
Colorado School of Public Health, Garfield County Public Health, Habitat Human Impact Consulting, Inc.

The Colorado School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Garfield County Public Health Department, is conducting an HIA to assess the potential health implications of a 200-well natural gas development proposal within the community of Battlement Mesa, Colorado. This HIA, requested and funded by the Garfield County Commissioners in response to a citizen petition asking for public health consideration in the well-permitting process, will provide recommendations for measures that could be taken to maximize the potential health benefits of this development and minimize any potential health risks. Currently available in a second draft, the HIA report addresses citizen concerns over air and water quality, traffic, noise and light pollution, economic and health infrastructure impacts, and community disruption.

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Completion Date
2010, September
Natural Resources and Energy
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Educational Institution