Pew Responds to Cadrin et. al Regarding Pew Fact Sheet on 'The Best Available Science on Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna'

The Pew Charitable Trusts produced a two-page fact sheet, “The Best Available Science on Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna,” as a brief summary of the current scientific debate surrounding bluefin tuna management in the western Atlantic Ocean. The fact sheet was released as a public document in mid-June as part of a package of materials relevant to a meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas, or ICCAT, convened in Montreal, Canada, that month. A group of four scientists drafted a response to the fact sheet that they filed with ICCAT and released to the media.

Pew's fact sheet was thoroughly researched, cited relevant scientific literature, and reviewed externally by an independent bluefin tuna scientist. It distilled a large body of bluefin tuna science into two pages, and therefore condensed a great deal of available scientific knowledge. In response to the scientists' exceptions to our fact sheet, Pew therefore prepared the following detailed responses to their claims.

Click to download a PDF of our responses.

Media Contact: Dave Bard

Topics: Oceans, Environment

Project: Global Tuna Conservation