Rosamond Naylor to Participate in a Plenary at the National Council for Science and the Environment Conference Pew Marine Fellow, 1994)

Roz Naylor, director of the Center on Food Security and Environment, Stanford University will participate in a plenary at The National Council for Science and the Environment 12th annual conference from 18 to 20 January 2012. The conference will focus on the environment and security and Naylor will be involved in the plenary “Integrating Climate, Energy, Food, Water and Health”.

According to the conference organizers, it is estimated that the global population will rise from 7 billion people today to 9 billion people by mid-century. Right now, many lack adequate food and nutrition, many overindulge in or waste their food resources—and only few get it just right. The Earth's growing population is now forced to seriously rethink how it can provide stable access to adequate and healthy nourishment—sustainable food production, distribution, and use to meet the needs of all. The ultimate goal under this conference theme is to learn how to ensure that our world can remain worth living in.

To learn more about the conference and to register, visit the Environment and Security website.