ICCAT B-Roll and Press Photos

  • November 02, 2012

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Press Photos

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Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


The IUCN Red List classifies Atlantic bluefin tuna as endangered.

Photo Credit: NOAA



Atlantic bluefin tuna can dive to depths of 500 to 1,000 meters.

Photo Credit: Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


ICCAT banned the use of driftnets in 2003, but some vessels still target bluefin tuna using this indiscriminate gear.

Photo Credit: Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


Seapics.com/Steve Drogin


Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


Atlantic bluefin tuna weigh up to 700kg 
(1,500 pounds) and migrate across the
Atlantic – a distance of more than
7,700km (4,800 miles) – in as little
as one month.

Photo Credit: Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen


Atlantic bluefin tuna suffer from overfishing in ICCAT waters.

Photo Credit: Seapics.com/Steve Drogin



The Atlantic bluefin tuna is an apex
predator, a species that occupies an
important place in the ocean's food web –
the top, keeping other species in the
ecosystem “in check."

Photo Credit: Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen

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