Recreational Anglers - The Coral Sea Marine Reserve

How will it really affect you?

The waters of the Coral Sea are healthy because the region is so far away from the coast. A large marine park in the Coral Sea will help keep it this way, with minimal impact on Australian anglers.

Coral Sea Map

Iconic fishing grounds such as the Queensland Trough will remain open to recreational fishing, yet be protected from long-line fishing.

Without this marine park, the Coral Sea could face a dramatic increase in commercial fishing in coming years.

An Australian-backed and-driven process

15 conservation groups support a marine park in the Coral Sea, including a large green zone.

 Did you know that…?

Recreational fishing will continue in almost half (49%) of the proposed Coral Sea Marine Reserve. This half of the reserve is located closest to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Long-line fishing will be banned in just over 40%, or 200,000 square kilometres, of the proposed Coral Sea Marine Reserve that remains open to recreational fishing.

In the half of the reserve that is farther away from the Australian mainland, recreational and commercial fishing will be restricted.

Secure the future of the Coral Sea

The proposed Coral Sea Marine Reserve has a minimal impact on existing recreational fishing. If the reserve is not officially established, the entire area could be vulnerable to greatly increased commercial fishing. Some groups believe the Coral Sea could "represent a potential source of tuna alone that would be equal to Australia's total capture fisheries production of all species combined".

A catch that large WILL negatively affect Queensland's recreational fishing.

Check out the map!

Recreational fishing will continue unaffected in the white areas:


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