Save Antibiotics October Newsletter (2012)

Below is the latest news from the Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming. This edition features good news from Denmark, our exciting new collaboration with chefs, an opportunity to thank farmers who raise their animals without antibiotics, and more.

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Been There, 'Dane' That


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Denmark is known for its pastries and furniture design. But did you know that the country is also famous for its ham? The Scandinavian nation is one of the largest exporters of pork in the world and doesn’t misuse or overuse antibiotics when rearing the hogs.

Since 1999, Denmark has implemented several policies to protect human health by reducing antibiotics on industrial farms, which resulted in a drop in antibiotic use from a high of 200 tons in 1994 to just 17 tons in 2011. This reduction is a substantial accomplishment for human health and shows how an industry can dramatically transform its practices with government and public support.

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Quickfire Challenge: Top Chefs Take on Superbugs


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Driven by the increasing awareness of antibiotic resistance and its link to food animal production, chefs are taking action to change America’s meat industry. Through our new SuperChefs Against Superbugs initiative, these culinary stars have the opportunity to collaborate on projects to raise the profile of this important issue.

Hailing from Hawaii to New York, and preparing meals from fried chicken to pulled pork sandwiches, the SuperChefs are ready to end the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms.

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Photo Gallery: Celebrate the Farmer

Farmer and Hog

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Americans are more interested and engaged in the food system than ever before. They want food that is raised sustainably and that promotes public health, including meat raised without antibiotics. Because there is currently little government oversight or incentive for farmers to use antibiotics judiciously when raising cows, chickens, and pigs, it is more important than ever to celebrate and recognize the farmers who do.

Farmer Friday provides a weekly opportunity to shine a spotlight on these food producers and thank them for protecting public health by using antibiotics only when their animals are sick. If you know farmers who raise food animals without antibiotics, take a minute to thank them on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or face-to-face. And if you are able, please support these farmers by purchasing their meat.

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Help Us Reach Our Goal: 100,000 Supporters!

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Ask Your Senators to Strengthen Antibiotic Policies

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Please send a note to your senators to ask for their help in urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make vital policy improvements that will reduce antibiotic use on industrial farms and protect public health.

State of the Science: Superbugs and Public Health


This past summer, several new studies on antibiotics were published that have been discussed by media, policymakers, and the public alike. Get up-to-speed on the research, ranging from pathogens in uncured meat to superbug-harboring soil to MRSA in pigs, in our new science roundup.

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