Fishing with Pew: Forage Fish and Albacore Tuna

Anglers and seafood lovers alike look forward to the arrival of albacore tuna along the Pacific coast. Fueled by oil-rich forage fish, albacore travel as much as 5,000 miles across the Pacific basin. These iconic animals consume as much as 25 percent of their body weight each day to sustain their intense metabolism.

Pew's Paul Shively and Tom Rudolph, who are working to conserve forage fish populations in the Pacific, spent a day fishing with local guides looking for albacore along the Oregon coast. They saw first-hand the importance of forage fish to ocean ecosystems and albacore tuna. Their successful trip is featured on this episode of Angler West, a syndicated recreational fishing program that airs in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Watch the episode:

Media Contact: Erik Robinson

Topics: Oceans, Environment

Project: Pacific Ocean Conservation