Pew Urges House of Representatives to Oppose Efforts to Undermine States' Rights and to Derail Rules to Protect Farmers

In a letter to the House of Representatives, the Pew Environment Group urges lawmakers to reject new bills now moving through the House.

Two new bills would repeal finalized regulations intended to help level the playing field for farmers who raise livestock under contract with large meat-processing companies. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA ) has quietly attached a rider to the House agriculture appropriations bill, and Reps. Michael Conaway (R-TX) and Jim Costa (D-CA) have amended the House farm bill, with provisions that would effectively close off every avenue to a fair marketplace for contract chicken growers. Read more on these bills.

Another bill would prohibit state and local governments from “imposing” a standard or condition on the production or manufacture of any agricultural product sold or offered for sale in interstate commerce, undermining states' abilities to protect the health and welfare of their residents. This bill would pre-empt hundreds of state laws and regulations, enacted in many cases with overwhelming support from state voters.

Read the letter: