Pew Environment Group Urges Senators to Support America's Independent Livestock Farmers and Ranchers

Mabel and Grant Dobbs

Read stories from farmers and ranchers who are fighting to reform the current industrial animal agriculture system.

A handful of multimillion-dollar meatpacking companies dominate the animal agriculture industry. Their consolidated power enables them to control the market, at the expense of farmers and ranchers. By limiting independent producers' access to processing plants and primarily buying and trading livestock among themselves, giant meatpackers are able to artificially lower the prices that farmers and ranchers receive for their livestock. However, an amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa would have eliminated this type of anticompetitive behavior by prohibiting direct ownership of livestock by major meatpackers.

Pew joined more than 100 organizations in calling on the Senate to help level the playing field for America's independent livestock farmers and ranchers by supporting Sen. Grassley's amendment. 

Read the letter:

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