European Fish Weeks: End Overfishing or Fishing Will be Over

High time to recover the well-being of our seas and dependent fishing communities


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Ending Overfishing

Europe's fishing grounds were once among the most productive in the world. But poor management has resulted in serious depletion of fish populations, ecosystem degradation and damage to species, habitats and sites protected by EU environmental legislation. Fishing has become unsustainable, increasingly unprofitable and reliant on public subsidies. This in turn has led to deprivation in coastal communities and an ever growing reliance on imported fish.

European Fish Weeks – End overfishing or fishing will be over

This summer, European Fish Weeks run from World Oceans Day, June 8 to August 31, with awareness-raising activities across Europe, such as learning a new sustainable fish recipe with a celebrity chef in Spain, or joining a 14-day walk along the Polish coast which the Polish President is expected to attend. They provide European citizens with opportunities to communicate clearly that we must end overfishing or fishing will be over. Across Europe, citizens will participate in activities, and make their voices heard. Politicians are responsible for making the decisions that will end overfishing; citizens are responsible for encouraging and supporting them to make the right choices.

Create a human fish shape to make your voice heard

In addition to attending OCEAN2012 awareness-raising events, Europeans can also organise their own event and create a human fish shape to visualize their call to end overfishing. There is a prize for the most inventive fish shape. 

Download the fish shape and description and embed the widget to spread the word.

Upload the photo to the Flickr pool.


OCEAN2012 is an alliance of over 160 organisations dedicated to putting an end to overfishing in the European Union. OCEAN2012 was initiated, and is coordinated, by the Pew Environment Group.

OCEAN2012 is working for an EU Common Fisheries Policy that:

  1. enshrines environmental sustainability as the over-arching principle, without which economic and social sustainability is unobtainable; 
  2. ensures decisions are taken at the most appropriate levels and in a transparent way, ensuring effective participation of stakeholders;
  3. delivers sustainable fishing capacity at EU and regional level;
  4. makes access to fisheries resources conditional on environmental and social criteria; and 
  5. ensures public funds are only used in a way that serves the public good and alleviates social impacts in the transition to sustainable fisheries.

Find out more about the coalition's demands.