A Fish Shape to End Overfishing

  • June 08, 2012

OCEAN2012 is an alliance of organisations dedicated to transforming European Fisheries Policy, to stopping overfishing, ending destructive fishing practices and delivering fair and equitable use of healthy fish stocks.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) play a critical role in determining the fate of European fisheries policy. They need to be shown that the public is aware of overfishing and knows that MEPs can put an end to it. Starting this summer, groups from across Europe will be raising awareness through various activities. These activities will be part of European Fish Weeks.

A Fish Shape

All European Fish Weeks activities will share three things: a common message, end overfishing; the involvement of an MEP; and participants making a fish shape. A fish what? We mean groups of people gathering together in the shape of a fish to demonstrate their awareness of overfishing and their desire to see politicians ending it. The more shapes made; the closer we will be to ending overfishing.

Where & When

Summer 2012, at European Fish Weeks activities throughout Europe, details on www.ocean2012.eu/events 

How to Make a Fish Shape

We will be spreading the story of European Fish Weeks by collecting photographs of the fish shapes. If you would like to make a fish shape and help end overfishing, these steps may help:

  1. Download the fish shape template and description
  2. Assemble your friends, students, group members or colleagues (the more you are, the bigger fish and so, the bigger the impact); 
  3. Invite your local Member of the European Parliament;
  4. Find a good photographer and think about where they will take the photo from (i.e. a higher point, a bridge, a pier, a building etc.); 
  5. Gather the group together in an open space and arrange them in a fish shape;
  6. Write ‘End Overfishing' in front of them e.g. chalk if you're on a street, pebbles on the beach, a banner if you have one handy;
  7. Take several photos;
  8. Select the best photograph of your fish shape and send it along with a small description (date, place, the group) to kelly.agathos@ocean2012.eu. You can also upload your photo to the Flickr pool, add your photo to the OCEAN2012 Facebook page, or tweet your pic #fishweeks @OCEAN2012EU.

You can also make fish shapes out of objects, vehicles, toy cars, restaurant tables or anything else you can think of - be flexible and be creative. We will even be offering participants a prize for the most inventive fish shape!

What Will Happen to the Fish Shape Photos?

These photographs will be a powerful tool to remind MEPs of their responsibility to end overfishing.  We will be presenting the photos to MEPs in Strasbourg when they meet for EU fisheries reform in September 2012.

Media Contact: Mike Walker

Topics: Oceans, Environment