Wilderness Is our Common Ground

Ute Mountain

Learn more about Pew's work to protect America's last, best, wild places.

Wilderness areas offer us a chance to escape our busy lives and connect with nature. They provide clean air and water, habitat for a wide variety of species, and endless opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping, hiking and paddling. Wilderness areas also attract businesses and residents to nearby towns for the proximity to open spaces, the quality of life, and economic benefits that they afford. Some find a spiritual connection in the wilderness, while others appreciate the silence and vast open space.

Across the United States, people from all backgrounds—from business owners to real estate agents, and ranchers to sportsmen—are working together to ensure that their favorite wild places can remain as they are. Collaborating across party lines and putting aside differences, they have found a common goal that unites them in the work of protecting wilderness. 

Here are some of the people engaged in local efforts to preserve a piece of their “backyard” for future generations.