Carl Safina Receives Grant to Produce Episodes of 'Saving the Ocean' (Pew Marine Fellow, 1991)

Can we solve the problems facing our oceans today? Yes. That's the message behind Saving the Ocean, a series hosted by Carl Safina, president of the Blue Ocean Institute. Saving the Ocean isn't another doom-and-gloom environmental show. It's about people solving problems—from overfishing to pollution to destruction of ocean habitat. “There's a lot to be excited and hopeful about in conservation today,” said Safina. “Saving the Ocean brings attention to those places where things are going right—and what we can learn from them.” Though oceans cover two-thirds of the planet, give us half our oxygen, and help feed us, most Americans don't know what we can do to protect them. Saving the Ocean helps fill that gap by spotlighting marine conservation success stories around the world. The series combines investigative reporting with the best of nature, travel, and adventure television—including original, high-definition underwater photography—to bring advances in marine science and conservation to a broad audience. Safina recently received a $1 million grant to produce additional episodes of the series.