Chart: New Catch Limits for Gulf of Mexico Fish Species

New catch limits have been approved for about two dozen Gulf of Mexico fish species. See how the limits compare to average catch.

Chart: New catch limits for Gulf of Mexico fish species

For the species affected by the Generic ACL-AM Amendment, the annual catch limits (or ACLs) have been set at 27 percent on average above recent catch for most species. For species affected by the Coastal Migratory Pelagic Amendment (Amendment 18), the annual catch limit is set on average at 47 percent above the recent catch. And for both amendments, the annual catch limit is on average 32 percent above the recent catch.

The chart illustrates this for several Gulf species. For most species, the cap is higher than recent average catch and can be adjusted based on new data. These percentages vary, depending on the landings data and how the ACLs were calculated. But most show a sizeable buffer between past catch and catch caps.