In Cod We Trust

The tales old cod fishermen tell remind us how we got to where we are today and how cod populations, although increasing, remain a shadow of their former glory. There is hope for the future, however.

Old-timers in New England's commercial cod fishery don't want us to forget how we got where we are today. Overfishing—catching fish faster than they can reproduce—is still occurring on 10 of our dinner-time favorites, such as Atlantic cod. The fishermen remember how different things were just a few decades ago. Hear their tales in this short video and read their stories as they reminisce about the great Atlantic cod.

Pew's Lee Crockett blogs about these "old salts" and suggests ways we can restore these once abundant ocean fish. The timeline below tracks the changes made to prevent overfishing and highlights innovative fishermen who have developed ways to practice their trade more sustainably and keep it local by bringing their catch directly to consumers.

Media Contact: Jeff Young

Project: New England Ocean Conservation