The Deep Sea is 'Worth Saving'

The Deep Sea is 'Worth Saving'The Pew Environment Group is supporting the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition's new “Worth Saving Campaign”. The campaign was launched in the last week of May at the United Nations where countries were considering how to conserve and protect marine life in the international waters of the high seas.

The campaign focuses on the need for countries to act to conserve the marine life of the deep-sea that is being destroyed by destructive fishing practices like high seas bottom trawling, even though the United Nations has called for urgent action to protect them. It includes a
 new blog, a new website for the coalition, and various materials including banners, advertisements, and informational materials. The campaign even has a mascot: a Roundnose Grenadier (one of the ‘not cute and cuddly' creatures of the deep) who will travel across Canada, the United States, and the European Union to support deep-sea conservation at regional and international bodies. Photos and video of the mascot will be available at the website and blog.

See the
 campaign page for more information and keep watch for a call to action on how you can help protect deep sea life.