Chagos Marine Reserve and the Chagossian Right of Return

The Pew Environment Group is aware of the legal challenges brought by Chagossian groups against the UK government. This issue has been in dispute for more than 40 years and remains a matter for the UK government to resolve.

We believe the Chagos Islands and their surrounding waters should be protected for the resources and values they have today “without prejudice” to the outcome of the legal process. This archipelago is biologically critical to the fish and other marine life of the Indian Ocean, upon which millions of people rely. The protections afforded by the Chagos Marine Reserve will help to ensure that the waters of the region and the resources they contain remain healthy no matter what the future holds.

Our position on this issue has been consistent since long before the Marine Reserve was designated in April 2010.


Read the statement (PDF) made by Chagossian leader Allen Vincatassin following his July 11, 2011 meeting with the UK Overseas Territories Minister about partnership commitments.

Read the statement made by Chagossian leader Allen Vincatassin on the Chagos Regagne Conference organized at the Royal Geographical Society of London, on May 19, 2011.

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