Book Launch: Mark Kurlansky's World Without Fish

  • May 12, 2011

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On May 11th, the Pew Environment Group hosted the Washington, D.C. launch of best-selling author Mark Kurlansky's new book, World Without Fish.

A book for children to read with their families, World Without Fish explains the overfishing crisis and its impact on our oceans. Above all, it tells kids what they can do about it to make a difference to the future. To an audience of over 100 people, including many children, he explained why he wrote the book, and what he hopes today's youngest generations will do to stop the destruction of the seas and encourage sustainable fishing.

Emphasizing the importance of the ocean food web, Kurlansky quoted Darwin, reminding the audience that “it takes a lot of individuals for a species to be successful [and] it takes a lot of species to have a successful ecosystem ... if you start losing species, you lose everything.”

World Without FishWith his focus on sustainability, Kurlansky aims to make today's children smart consumers, who want to know where their fish come from and how it was caught. The goal is not to punish fishermen for doing their job, but to reward those who do their job the right way. He reminded the audience to always “treat with respect [the] hardworking people in a dangerous job that are just trying to make a living.”

In his remarks, Josh Reichert, managing director of the Pew Environment Group, noted that “a good writer can make even the most mundane subjects interesting.” Mark Kurlansky's masterful storytelling makes the biological, economic, political and cultural facts behind overfishing come to life.

Topics: Oceans, Environment