Wyoming Wilderness Campaigns

Wyoming has 18,367,513 acres of BLM lands and 8,693,600 acres of National Forests. The last wilderness areas designated in Wyoming were in 1984: Absaroka-Beartooth, Cloud Peak, Encampment River, Gros Ventre, Huston Park, Jedediah Smith, Platte River, Popo Agie, and Winegar Hole.


Rock Creek

A campaign to protect 34,000 acres of undeveloped land west of Buffalo, Wyoming, as a much-needed lower elevation forestlands addition to the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Originally included in the plan for the 1984 Wyoming Wilderness Act, this area was withdrawn because it had been leased for oil and gas and had water storage potential. Those leases have been dropped, and area reservoirs are outside of the proposed boundary. The area boasts more than a hundred spectacular granite rock formations, buttes, spires, castles and towers. Hunters can find elk the year round, and it is prized for its excellent fishing opportunities.

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