Alaska Wilderness Campaigns

Alaska has 83,543,566 acres of BLM lands and 21,973,662 acres of National Forests. The last wilderness areas designated in Alaska were in 1990: Chuck River, Karta River, Kuiu, Pleasant/Lemusurier/Inian Islands, and South Etolin.


Alaska BLM Resource Management Planning Projects

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages more than 80 million acres of wildlands that rank among the nation's highest in terms of biological diversity and number of shorebirds supported during spring migration across Alaska. They contain critical habitat for North America's largest caribou herd, the Western Arctic Herd, as well as some of the highest densities of brown bear in the State. The BLM is currently creating four long-term Resource Management Plans and Environmental Impact Statements (RMP/EIS) for nearly 24 million acres of Alaska's public lands. This is an area bigger that Mississippi and roughly 1/12th of Alaska's landmass. Not only have the agency's proposed management schemes raised grave concerns for Alaskan peoples, sportsmen, watershed councils, conservation groups and others, the plans in fact run counter to BLM's own management mandate. Numerous locations within the BLM's land in Alaska have been nominated and meet qualification for Congressional designation as National Wild and Scenic Rivers and administrative designation as Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) -- particularly as Research Natural Areas.

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