Joint-NGO Recommendations to Fisheries Ministers

A joint-NGO position paper urging European Fisheries Ministers to set Total Allowable Catches (TACs) for deep sea species in the Northeast Atlantic at sustainable levels.

EU Fisheries Ministers had a major opportunity to take decisive action at their November meeting to bring the management of deep-sea fisheries into line with EU and international commitments. This decision on TACs and quotas for deep-sea species represented a test case for the commitment of EU member states to sustainability and the conservation and protection of biodiversity in the deep sea.

The Pew Environment Group, together with 10 other NGOs sent a position paper with recommendations for a Council Regulation fixing the fishing opportunities for 2011 and 2012 for certain deep sea fish stocks, urging them to set lower TACs or even close deep-sea fisheries until sufficient information is available to ensure the long-term sustainability of these fisheries.

Media Contact: Kymberly Escobar

Topics: Oceans, Environment

Project: Protecting the Deep Sea