Radio Ad: Plug the Loopholes

A new radio advertisement from the Pew Environment Group urges listeners to contact their representatives in Congress about offshore oil law reform.

Read the transcript and listen to the audio below.

That big oil spill in the Gulf?  Well, they may have plugged the leak.

But we could easily have another disaster much like this one…unless Congress plugs the leaks in the law.

This catastrophe didn't happen just because of some careless individuals. The federal laws governing offshore oil development are way out of date and riddled with loopholes – a wide-open invitation to take unnecessary risks.

Congress needs to plug those loopholes. Before any drilling project can proceed…

  • Require proof that it'll be safe, for workers and the environment ...
  • Plus proof that there's an effective response capability, in case there is a spill.
  • Require drillers to use the best technology ...
  • And eliminate liability caps for oil spill damages, so polluters pay all the costs.

Call your representatives in Congress at 202-224-3121. Tell them: Don't come home for the summer ... until you've plugged the leaks in the law.

Paid for by The Pew Charitable Trusts.