An Environmentally Friendly Production Firm: Project Frog

  • June 10, 2009

San Francisco, California-based Project FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth)1 provides customizable, prefabricated "smart buildings" that incorporate science, technology and human behavior at as much as 40 percent less than the cost of traditional construction projects, according to company founder Mark Miller.2 

Three years ago, Miller and his colleagues at a San Francisco architecture firm established Project FROG with two goals: to reduce money, time and materials associated with traditional construction and to create efficient, affordable and environmentally neutral buildings.3 With the support of venture capital firms, they developed prefabricated components to create buildings suited to different sites and user needs. For its first commercial projects, Project FROG targeted American school districts. To date, the company has constructed buildings across two campuses, and it has three more campuses under construction that will open this fall. Project FROG employs a staff of 20 and works with 10 full-time consultants from the architecture, energy, manufacturing and engineering fields. To maintain the brand's low-cost, sustainable ethos, the company buys its materials—primarily steel and large panels that become walls—from local suppliers, and it favors producers that have strong efficiency and sustainability practices in place, said Adam Tibbs, president of Project FROG.

1 While Project FROG was established in 2006, NETS data did not pick up the company as part of our business or jobs count. As described in the methodology (Appendix B), NETS does not always pick up new businesses immediately. Once a new business is identified, however, the NETS data are subsequently updated to reflect the dates the missed company was in business, and it is included in future counts.

2 Project FROG Web site gallery, (accessed April 3, 2009).

3 Pew interview with Adam Tibbs, president of Project FROG, April 3, 2009.

Topics: Energy, Environment