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  • Defaulting on the Dream: Arizona

    ONE IN 18 HOMEOWNERS IN ARIZONA is estimated to be in foreclosure by the end of 2010, as a result of a subprime-related loan. Years of easily accessible credit and relatively low home prices that facilitated homeownership in the state have ended, leaving in their wake stricter lending terms and stagnating home appreciation. Arizona is one of about a dozen states with a higher estimated... Read More

  • Defaulting on the Dream

    Few imaginable economic events send the same message of fear and foreboding in America as a housing crisis. For most Americans, their homes are their greatest asset. And for the states, industries dependent on housing are cornerstones for economic growth and fiscal stability. Read More

  • Subprime Spillover

    In the Center for Responsible Lending's December 2006 study, “Losing Ground,” CRL predicts that millions of American households will lose their homes to foreclosures in the subprime mortgage market. Read More