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Salmon Aquaculture Reform Campaign

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Salmon can be farmed sustainably with minimal ecological damage, but the industry must adopt standards to protect the environment. For the past two decades, farmed salmon has become a major source of seafood, outselling wild-caught salmon 4 to 1. This has led to:

  • High demand for wild forage fish used to feed increasing numbers of farmed salmon.
  • Nutrient and chemical pollution in once-pristine marine ecosystems.
  • The spread of parasites and diseases to wild juvenile salmon.
  • Extensive escapes of farmed fish into the wild.

The Pew Charitable Trusts is a partner of the Pure Salmon Campaign and we work with them and their allies around the world to raise public awareness about the environmental problems associated with salmon farming. The Pure Salmon Campaign coordinates activities with partners and allies in salmon producing and consuming countries around the world to encourage the salmon farming industry to adopt environmentally sustainable aquaculture practices.

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Andy Fisher

Director, Communications