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Pre-K Now’s comprehensive research on the scope of pre-k nationwide remains a trusted resource for policy makers and educators.

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  • An Economic Analysis of Pre-K in Arkansas

    This 2006 report found that each dollar invested to date in the high-quality Arkansas Better Chance Pre-K program will yield $2.32 in future savings to the state and that offering pre-k to all children would return savings of more than $100 million. Read More

  • Using Pre-K to Advance Education Reform

    By strengthening linkages between pre-k programs and education reform agendas, Early Childhood Councils are well positioned to influence their states' school improvement activities. This brief identifies specific steps councils can take to maximize their states' investments in early education including aligning policy prior to and following Pre-K. Read More

  • Transforming Public Education: Pathway to a Pre-K-12 Future

    As Pew completes its 10-year commitment to the Pre-K Now campaign, Pre-K Now issues its final report which challenges the nation's policy makers to transform public education by moving away from our current K-12 system. The future of public education is Pre-K-12. Read More

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