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Pre-K Now’s comprehensive research on the scope of pre-k nationwide remains a trusted resource for policy makers and educators.

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  • Transforming Public Education

    In its final report, Pre-K Now laid out a strategy to transform public education by moving from the current K-12 model to a more effective, evidence-based pre-K-12 system, based upon the vital learning that happens in children's earliest years This pre-K-12 vision is grounded in rigorous research and reflects work by leading scholars and institutions to identify the knowledge and skills students... Read More

  • Beyond the School Yard

    When state and federal funding for pre-k falls short, school administrators can collaborate with community-based programs to expand higher-quality early learning opportunities. This 2009 report highlighted the benefits and challenges of these collaborations. Read More

  • Funding the Future 2006

    This 2006 report examined how policymakers nationwide have found innovative approaches to financing pre-kindergarten. Read More

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