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  • It's Not Flu As Usual

    Every winter, the US suffers a seasonal flu that kills approximately 36,000 Americans and hospitalizes more than 200,000 Terrible as that is, health experts are now warning about a far more lethal kind of flu – a pandemic flu that could kill over half a million Americans, hospitalize more than two million, cost our economy billions in lost productivity and direct medical expenses, and... Read More

  • Pandemic Influenza: Warning, Children At Risk

    Scientists around the globe have been warning about the risk of a potential pandemic influenza outbreak Pandemic flu is caused by a new, severe strain of the flu virus capable of producing severe disease and spreading rapidly person-to-person worldwide Unlike the seasonal flu, a pandemic flu virus poses a novel threat since humans would have no previously developed  immunity against this new... Read More

  • Pandemic Flu and the Potential for U.S. Economic Recession

    A pandemic flu outbreak could sicken 90 billion and kill 2 million people in the United States, according to estimates, but a recent Trust for America's Health report examines another potential casualty-- our economy According to the report, an outbreak could deliver a $680 billion blow to the US economy, leading to the second worst recession since World War II Read More

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