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Oregon’s marine reserve planning process is entering a crucial phase this fall. This op-ed from the Eugene Register Guard describes why Oregonians favor protecting their ocean legacy by implementing a network of marine protected areas.

This Coos Bay World story gives a good history of the planning process, and an update on one of the proposed marine reserve sites undergoing further evaluation.

These letters to the editor show the broad community support for ocean protection:

Majority of Cape Falcon residents want reserve

Health marine life benefits us all

Reserves create a lasting legacy

Set aside reserves for research

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  • Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission Approves Territorial Sea Plan

    The Land Conservation and Development Commission today approved a Territorial Sea Plan that designates and maps the important ecologic, economic and cultural areas along Oregon's coast. This action sets a precedent for how Oregon will conserve and manage these areas to sustain the diverse benefits they provide the state. The plan, which combines recommendations from the Ocean Policy Advisory... Read More

  • Our Ocean Coalition Applauds Oregon's First System of Marine Reserves

    Combined with new sites that were implemented in January at Redfish Rocks near Port Orford and Otter Rock by Depoe Bay, the law creates an initial network of marine reserves and protected areas off the Oregon coast. The reserves will serve as “ecological savings accounts” and provide places for plants and animals to reproduce and thrive. Read More

  • Oregon's Marine Reserves Moving Forward

    Under the leadership of State Representative Jean Cowan, the Oregon Coastal Caucus, and Governor Kitzhaber, Oregon is moving forward with the recommendations of the Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) to establish marine reserves at Otter Rock, Redfish Rocks, Cape Perpetua, Cascade Head, and Cape Falcon. The 2011 Legislature approved limited funding for the initial years of the program in the... Read More

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