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Marine Finfish Aquaculture Standards Project


How do we expand aquaculture to support the food and protein needs of the world's expanding population without further damaging the world?

Many wholesale seafood buyers–supermarkets, restaurant chains, distributors, etc.–have standards that drive production practices. Their purchasing decisions are primarily based on the practices of individual farms or companies.

Pew will work with producers to apply our performance standards to individual farms and then work with buyers to ensure that these standards carry weight in their purchasing decisions.

If seafood buyers demand improved practices revealed by our environmental analysis, seafood farmers will adjust production practices to meet buyer demands. Reducing environmental impact through improved production practices would be a significant step towards more sustainable aquaculture–and healthier oceans.

Project Team

  • Rachel Hopkins, Officer
  • Christopher Mann, Director, Environment
  • Dave Bard, Officer, Communications, 202.778.4551

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Christine Fletcher

Officer, Communications